Banking Industry

banking solutions / business-enabling payment solutions for merchants

As global commerce evolves, banks & PSPs are looking for a new generation of payment solutions to meet the challenges faced by small merchants

They need to offer best-in-class solutions in terms of innovation, security, simplicity and performance – and even exceed these needs by supporting their payment solutions with comprehensive business services. Providing these solutions in a cost-effective manner will enable banks & PSPs to successfully differentiate themselves in today’s increasingly competitive merchant services market.  

Leveraging our strong trusted relations with over 1,000 global banks and acquirers, our customers deploy our latest range of solutions to address specific merchants’ usages across all sales channels.   We provide them with an innovative range of payment terminals implementing tailored payment methods that integrate payment and business applications, as well as flexible and secure online offers to address local or cross-border solutions. 

Our solutions also enable banks to adapt their payment factory using fully certified devices and applications, future-proof estate management, innovative cloud payment infrastructure, cross-border payment architecture, and of course, white label e/m-commerce solutions.

Fulfil all merchant payment needs

  • Provide the appropriate terminal (POS / mPOS) to all in-store shops 
  • Offer the best payment methods across all channels:  in store (EMV, NFC, Signature capture, wallet,…) and online 
  • Enable merchants to sell online 
  • Empower your online business out of opening hours using loyalty services, gift cards & incentive program management 
  • Benefit from the largest payment acceptance base (in-store, online, mobile)

Overpass fleet management constraints

  • Control and monitor your terminal fleet remotely using a single centralized solution 
  • Ensure fast and efficient deployment campaigns for terminal content: 
  • OS, application, parameters, security keys, advertising, promotion... 
  • Comply with local and international security standards (PCI-PTS V4x, SRED) 
  • Benefit from an end-to-end security approach from acceptance to acquirers (On Guard, P2PI)

Tailor operating model to your strategy

  • Choose your preferred operating model from license to business operating services 
  • Leverage white label solutions to include payment offers in your brand policy 

Turn payment terminals into points of interaction

  • Benefit from Telium Tetra combining secured payment and an open ecosystem of business apps 
  • Gain access to a market place with the enterprise apps that address your specific business needs 
  • Engage customers with valuable services during payment (loyalty, rewards…)