Digital industry

digital goods & Services solutions / optimize your digital goods business with Ingenico ePayments

Consumers of digital goods and services are among the most advanced and tech-savvy customers in the world. Because the goods and services delivered are by definition intangible, these consumers expect a seamless experience, immediate gratification and don’t accept complicated, lengthy payment processes. Consumer experience rules supreme when optimizing payments for digital markets.

Our digital market coverage spans digital content such as VOIP, music, movies or eBooks, software, SaaS, social networking, online dating, marketplaces and many of the myriad digital merchant models within these. Recurring payments, freemium models, low friction checkout, card-on-file capabilities (tokenization), alternative payment methods, one tap/click payments - we provide the experience and a global backbone of acquirers and payment products, to give your business a localization strategy that outperforms a single channel approach. Complement your business model with the right payment product mix and functionality. We provide processing capabilities and advanced data analytics to allow you to make the right payment decisions for your business. Furthermore, with Ingenico ePayments merchants benefit from enhanced, digital market specific knowledge, fraud solutions and analytics.


Explore and define monetization models

  • Deep vertical experience with various monetization models that cover the main pain points for digital goods merchants, including low value transactions, micro-transactions, recurring payments and tokenization
  • Mobile-first philosophy including mobile SDK’s for native, in-app purchases, Hosted Responsive Payment Pages
  • Utilize local alternative payment methods and improve credit card success rates with our multi-acquirer solutions and re-try methodology

Apply data analytics to benchmark & optimize payment acceptance

  • Benchmark payment performance against industry peers
  • Identify issues and opportunities for optimization through advanced data analytics
  • Dedicated, role-based dashboards include fraud and chargebacks, management info and business opportunities

Provide seamless integration into business processes

  • REST API for easy integration
  • Developer portal provides easy access to SDK’s, sandbox environment and support
  • Full service processing with consolidated reporting and remittance