Hospitality industry

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The hospitality and entertainment industries are at the forefront of cashless payment, with a broad range of merchants facing customers who demand fast, frictionless service. These merchants need innovative payment solutions to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. Strong pressure to maintain margins by keeping costs down also drives the sector to invest in cross-border and centralized transaction management for their entire sales channel: in-store, online or mobile.

Our solutions combine the best of these three worlds. We enable industry players to deliver an increasingly seamless customer experience while ensuring that payment is never detrimental to consumer pleasure for booking or enjoying leisure activities. We historically support hotels, restaurants & leisure parks in deploying self-service payment to deliver faster check out to their guests. Today, our mobile payment solutions free sales staff to leave the counter and engage customers directly for immediate sales uplift.  In addition, our cross- channel offer, combined with loyalty programs, enables seamless online booking and payment. We act as a hub for companies with a global online reach, such as hotel chains or video game publishers.  Our solutions enable payment from anywhere in the world and reduce the complexity of cross-border transactions.


Boost your business

  • Accept  all preferred electronic payment methods from your global customers whatever the sales channel or currency: traditional cards, EMV, NFC, innovative wallets 
  • Ensure faster check- in / check-out and increase opening hours through online and self-service capabilities
  • Maximize staff efficiency with mPOS solutions enabling sales on the go
  • Inter-connect all your channels to streamline the customer experience 
  • Enlarge your footprint with our global online cross-border collect solution (GlobalCollect)

Increase your knowledge

  • Improve your Customer Relationship Management with data on payment 
  • Leverage centralized cashless solutions to implement loyalty programs
  • Provide standard dashboard, benchmarking and predictive modeling for payment performance optimization

Monitor your costs

  • Manage and collect all your cross-border international online payments through one single source: processing, financial reconciliation, foreign exchange conversion and data analytics
  • Offer online fraud management tools to maximize approval, minimize chargebacks and reduce operational costs
  • Reduce cost and complexity of compliance with standards and regulations (PCI de-scoping with tokenization)