payment services / Transaction management services

Ingenico Payment Services

Ingenico Payment Services provides merchants with a comprehensive range of centralized and secure in-store transaction management services.

Ingenico Payment Services ensures end-to-end security, control and monitoring of merchants transactions thanks to a centralized payment solution dedicated to organized retailers.

The combination of Axis (in-store payment) and Ingenico ePayments solutions (card non-present) positions Ingenico Payment Services as the unique partner able to provide true cross-channel payment solutions to organized retail. Our innovative and comprehensive payment services (reporting, reconciliation…) increase conversion rates and optimize processing costs.

In addition, Ingenico Payment Services has a full range of customer loyalty solutions to increase merchant revenue, including : loyalty card and loyalty program management, prepaid card and gift card management, customer data analysis, marketing campaign management…

Multi-channel solutions

a seamless shopping experience 

Whether payments are on-line or in-store, our solution ensures the most reliable transaction management.  Our multi-channel payment solutions, tailored for multi-POS retailers (top retailers, supermarkets, transport, hospitality, vending,…), secure transactions across multiple sales channels: in-store, mobile or online. We also provide a fully PCI DSS solution between all merchants’ points of sale and acquirers. 

Increase conversion rate

  • Inter-connect all sales channels to provide seamless consumer experience.
  • Deploy consumer touch points with the most appropriate in-store solution (in-store desktop, in-store mobility, self-service…).
  • Engage your customer whatever the point of interaction to finalize sales.

Remove payment complexity

  • Access all the information on e-payment flows via dedicated charts and reporting tools.
  • Prevent fraud by letting us monitor your transactions and terminals fleet.

Enhance consumer shopping journey

  • Provide your customers with a seamless payment experience whatever the channel.
  • Offer their preferred payment methods (traditional card, Apple Pay, wallet…) whatever the currency and sales channel.

Optimize payment costs

  • Decrease operational costs thanks to a single technical integration across countries.
  • Rely on a fully end-to-end PCI-DSS solution.