Ingenico Japan successfully launched its all-in-one contactless payment solutions in ticketing machines with GMO Financial Gate Inc. and Shibaura Mechatronics Co. Ltd.

Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), the global leader in seamless payment, today announced that it has successfully launched an all-in-one card payment solution for restaurant’s self-ordering ticketing machines, in partnerships with GMO Financial Gate, a leading payment services provider in Japan and Shibaura Mechatronics Japan, a leading unattended machine manufacturer.

Ingenico’s solution includes hardware and software integration with ticketing machines, providing payment at unattended points of sales. The product jointly redeveloped by Ingenico Japan, GMO Financial Gate and Shibaura Mechatronics Japan was launched in January 2019.

Ingenico Group’s solution leverages the iUC280 device, which accepts magstripe, EMV, and NFC/contactless transactions. It will help meet both the EMV migration requirements as announced by Japan METI (Ministry of Economics, Trade & Industry) and the associated deadline by March 2020 in the Olympic year. This software integration layer and service platform also enables fast deployment of acceptance capabilities of new electronic payment means, while enabling consumers to pay using the latest payment methods, such as Visa Paywave, MasterCard PayPass, FeliCa E-Wallet.

“Ingenico Unattended iUC280 rollout proved our full-committed presence in Japan. We continue to strive for excellence in our solutions that could best address local needs. We are proud that GMO Financial Gate, the leading player of the Japan payment industry relies on our globally renowned expertise in payment solution and security”, said Eric Grenier, North East Asia Managing Director, Ingenico Group.  

“In Japan, we have scarce labour resource and high labour cost. The unattended machine is one of the best solutions to address these concerns. Its offers conveniences to our consumers and improve store efficiency”. Kentaro Sugiyama, President GMO Financial Gate Co., Ltd “The partnership with Ingenico, a global leader in payment solution, will strengthen our offers for a more complete and secure solution.” 

Labour shortage has been an issue in the retail and service industry. To mitigate this issue, labour-saving technology such as automated vending machine becomes a handy phenomenon “, Shigeki Fujita, President, Shibaura Mechatronics Co., Ltd “We leveraged on the expertise of both Ingenico and GMO, to offer greater convenience, security, and reliability to our consumers.