Retail industry

retail solutions / enhancing retailers’ brand promise

The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation. The consumer relationship is evolving rapidly, with well-informed consumers seeking the best product at the best price with the most comprehensive service package available.

Diversified channels (store, e-Commerce, mobile platform, market place, connected commerce …) are creating new opportunities for retailers, reinventing the shopping experience and improving their brand promise. We support 70% of the world’s 30 leading retail brands, serving their customers in more than 125 countries on all checkout points (multi-lane, mobile & online).  Whatever your segment, whether you are a national retailer, a multinational multichannel branded retailer or an online-only e-Commerce store, we help you connect with the next generation of consumer. 

Each solution is connected to our transaction services offer, available in both integrated and modular packages, building complete cross-channel payment services on a global scale. We can act as a Full-Service Payment Provider (FSP) for online retailers with a broad international scope, accepting payment from anywhere in the world and reducing the complexity of cross-border payment. Combined with our loyalty & promotion programs, our solutions provide retailers with a better understanding of consumer spending behavior, which can be leveraged to increase sales.

Increase conversion rate

  • Accept  all preferred electronic payment methods from your global customers whatever the currency and sales channel: in-store, on-line and mobile 
  • Equip all in-store channels with a tailored POS solution (in-store, out of store, mobile, self-service …)
  • Maximize staff efficiency with mPOS solutions enabling sales on the go 
  • Inter-connect all your sales channels to streamline the customer experience  
  • Enlarge your footprint with our global on-line cross-border collect solutions (GlobalCollect)

Enhance consumer shopping journey

  • Provide your customer with a seamless payment experience whatever the channel 
  • Offer their preferred payment methods (traditional card, Apple Pay, wallet…) 
  • Engage your customer whatever the point of interaction 
  • Merge payment and big data strategy

Protect your business against fraud and breaches

  • Ensure your terminal range is secure and up-to-date with the latest security standards (EMV...)  
  • Deploy a PCI certified point-to-point encryption solution 
  • Rely on us to manage security through PCI de-scoping 
  • Offer online fraud management tools to maximize approval, minimize charge-backs and reduce operational costs

Optimize payment cost

  • Decrease your operational costs via a single payment platform: in-store, online, mobile 
  • Streamline your POS solution availability rate with our Terminal Management System 
  • Manage and collect all your cross border international online payments through one single source: processing, financial reconciliation, foreign exchange conversion and data analytics 
  • Reduce transaction costs with smart acquisition services.