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POS payment solutions

Consumers today are better informed and more demanding than ever. With access to unlimited information thanks to the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they demand the ability to make purchases anywhere, anytime. Merchants equipped to offer shoppers the payment convenience, simplicity and fluidity they demand will increase sales conversion rates.

With the world’s largest in-store acceptance network, Ingenico Smart Terminals have led the payment terminal industry for 30 years.

We operate the widest range of smart terminals combining the most advanced technologies with the latest security requirements whatever the local regulation, business sector, or payment method. Our smart terminals provide businesses with a unique platform and totally reliable connectivity for deploying and managing payment as well as value-enhancing business applications.

Paired with a comprehensive range of POS management services, Ingenico Smart Terminals enable merchants to optimize their store and checkout formats and to cover all consumer touch points.



Payment terminals

Answer all payment needs and meet the most demanding use cases

Ingenico Smart Terminals satisfy the most demanding expectations of merchants, retailers and banks. We bring a consumer-centric approach to vertical markets (hospitality, retail, vending, banks & acquirers, petrol and transportation…) with payment solutions to cover all points of transactions (unattended, multi-lane, in-store and outdoor, mobile)

  • Support any payment method.  
  • Enhance Consumer interaction with rich multimedia possibilities. 
  • Meet the latest security standards. 

Desktop terminals

Designed for merchants to accept all payment means and the most innovative uses cases at the point of sales. The Ingenico’s Desktop terminals cover a variety of functionalities to offer unique consumer experiences at the counter. With limited footprints and high reliability, they can easily integrate and answer the most demanding needs for color display, touch interface or consumer engagement capabilities.

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Retail terminals

Our retail range was drawn up to reduce the time spent at checkout and improve consumer engagement in the most demanding retail environments.

With their large colour touchscreens, intuitive interfaces and support for a wide spectrum of payment methods, Ingenico’s retail terminals are the best solutions to enhance the multilane checkout experience. Their design, stand pole and connectivity facilitate in-store integration.


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Portable terminals

With their compact design, broad connectivity (GPRS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth) and rich capabilities, Ingenico portable terminals provide support for merchants anywhere. They enable all cashless payment methods, and their highly-secure and scalable Telium Tetra or Android OS power terminals ranging from payment-only to multipurpose devices.

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Unattended terminals

Easy & flexible unattended payment solutions for self-services businesses.

Its wide range of devices, from card and contactless readers, to PINPads, meeting the latest standards allow to easily integrate cashless payment in self-service kiosks.
Answer any integration need in a flexible way, from Vending, to Transportation, Petrol or Retail.


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Biometric Terminals

Mobile fingerprint solution answering the need for biometric authentication. Leverage state-of-the-art biometric authentication technology to secure and build trust. Open cost-effective financial inclusion channels, such as branchless banking, microfinance or government-to-person (G2P). Manage government ID schemes: attendance tracking, pension payments, voting. 

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Mobile Terminals

Mobile POS provides greater convenience and an affordable entry point for SMBs wishing to accept card-based transactions and NFC wallet payments. Paired with an automated system, mobile POS can increase business efficiency. These perfectly meet the payment acceptance needs of small businesses on the move.

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Android ECR POS

Our Android ECR POS range addresses merchants’ payment acceptance needs at the counter or in the hospitality sectors, in particular. These cash registers combining an Android user interface with Ingenico’s assets in secure payment offer a first-rate consumer experience. They support all payment methods, including alternative ones, and offer merchants a full set of business services through Android business apps, to enable ECR or loyalty use cases, for instance.

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Operating system

Telium TETRA

Secure in payment. Open to creativity

A new experience for developers, users & consumersWith 30 years of experience, Ingenico has developed a unique experience in designing best-in-class secured operating systems managing over 2500 payment applications.

On its latest generation of Telium TETRA payment terminals, Ingenico has designed a new Operating System, with a user-friendly interface, openness to the web standard and security at its core. This new future-proof Operating System embeds powerful and innovative security mechanisms to bridge secure payment with an open web-based environment. A new experience is within reach for developers, users and final consumers.

  • A proven OS for  payment.
  • Designed for  user experience. 
  • Best-in class  security.
  • Open to worldwilde  apps. 


Payment Applications

A world of payment methods at your fingertips

With its wide geographic coverage and its unique expertise, Ingenico can support all payment needs, from standardized schemes to the latest payment innovations or tailored solutions.

We can handle more than 300 payment methods, beyond traditional credit and debit cards, including EMV standard, closed-loop payment networks, contactless or NFC technologies, e-wallets and QR code payment solutions.

The Telium TETRA suite has been designed to fully leverage Ingenico’s large application portfolio and accelerate the deployment of new solutions.

Benefits of our payment applications include:

  • Choosing from a unique payment application portfolio
  • A wide geographic coverage with a presence in 125 countries and unique expertise
  • Accelerating the deployment of payment solutions

More than 300 payment methods handled

The Estate Manager

Ingenico understands the complexity of deploying, managing and supporting payment systems. We also have the expertise to develop a complete estate management system that is simple to use and is customizable to your needs. Here are the key features of Ingenico's Estate Manager: 

Maximize the availability of payment offers at the point of sale, in full compliance with security standards

  • Centralized remote terminal management solution customizable for your business needs
  • Compliant with the latest US regulations and PCI requirements
  • Optimized for the next generation of devices
  • Monitor and manage your estate including the OS, applications, parameters, call scheduling, security keys and custom content
  • Cut costs and find efficiencies with remote helpdesk and stock management
  • Leverage the statistic platform to lower your cost of ownership and improve your clients experience

Advanced remote maintenance
Optimize your maintenance decisions and better support your merchants

Terminal life cycle management
Maximize field-based terminal availability

Software & merchant provisioning
Streamline payment terminal deployment and control transaction risks at the point of sale

Enhanced connectivity and security
Massively deploy security across your estate in the most demanding communication environment

Merchant Service Hub

With the merchant in mind, Ingenico Merchant Service Hub combines a set of modular tools to improve store processes and bring increased efficiency in managing payments:

  • Secure integration between merchant sales applications and terminals with ‘POSgate’, a simple, flexible and intelligent middleware supported on Ingenico devices across Asia-Pacific
  • Connectivity management of all terminal-related traffic from the point of sale to the processing hosts
  • Real-time reporting on all transactions across an entire merchant estate (local and international) via a dedicated Web portal
  • Digital receipt management, supporting both PIN and signature transactions
  • Powerful  business intelligence tools, providing valuable analytics and alerting mechanisms on payment patterns


POSgate, integration made easy.

POSgate is a universal driver interface designed to enable a smooth payments process between the merchant POS application and the payment terminal. It helps Point of Sale software vendors to simply and quickly add card payment capabilities to their solutions, while meeting the highest security standards of the industry.

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Transaction reporting and analytics

Real-time reporting on transactions

Ingenico’s centralized reporting service provides merchants with real-time visibility on their transaction data through a user-friendly Web portal. This service can be offered by the acquirers to their merchants, under fully branded Web pages. The acquirers can easily manage merchants and access their transaction data.

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Digital Receipt Management

With Ingenico’s digital receipt management service, merchants can say bye-bye to paper clutter. For each transaction, Ingenico’s platform archives an electronic copy of the receipt which merchants can easily retrieve in case of reconciliation issues, chargebacks or disputes. Receipts can be retrieved locally or at the central office.

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Connectivity Services

Ingenico can help banks, estate owners and merchants securely manage terminal-related traffic from the point of sale to the processing hosts, at the best possible speed and cost.

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