POSgate, integration made easy.

POSgate is a universal driver interface designed to enable a smooth payments process between the merchant POS application and the payment terminal. It helps Point of Sale software vendors to simply and quickly add card payment capabilities to their solutions, while meeting the highest security standards of the industry.

POSgate runs on the merchant cash register and manages all interaction between the POS and terminal, leaving the payment logic to the terminal, without exposing merchant environments to sensitive cardholder data. POSgate allows driving a customer-facing PINpad, where the card no longer needs to be handed out to the cashier. Transaction requests are initiated from the merchant cash register and POSgate guides store staff through the transaction, eliminating the need for double-keying on the terminal. POSgate can rely on the cash register’s IP to connect to authorization hosts, providing for faster transaction times than dial-up and eliminating the need for a dedicated Ethernet or mobile communication option.

In restaurants and bar environments, POSgate can link to the merchant back-office to retrieve bill details and therefor enable a smooth flow at the time of checkout, where the waiter can query and print the bill from wireless payment terminal and collect the payment on the spot. With Chip & PIN now the norm across Asia, consumers will no longer accept that their card be taken away from them. POSgate takes table payments to the next level.

With POSgate supported within their sales application, merchants can benefit from advanced integrated payments, with an overall improved shopping experience for consumers:

  • Increase speed of customer checkout with no double keying on ECR and terminal and IP-based connectivity
  • Eliminate errors in card transaction amounts as the value is automatically forwarded by the sales application to the terminal
  • Simplify reconciliation between POS and terminal data, with all transactions automatically matched via POSgate
  • Ability to print card payment receipts on the cash register rather than the terminal (cheaper and easier paper management)
  • Reduce counter clutter and cabling at the point of sale, with a single cable from the terminal to the cash register

The POSgate middleware runs on most operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Linux) and integrates seamlessly with existing POS software solutions via a dedicated software library provided by Ingenico. Connectivity between the merchant system and the terminal can be over USB, serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. POSgate can be IP-interfaced and therefore allow multiple terminals to connect to a single POS, or vice versa.

No compromise on security. POSgate helps businesses adhere to PCI-DSS 

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