Transaction reporting and analytics

Real-time reporting on transactions

Ingenico’s centralized reporting service provides merchants with real-time visibility on their transaction data through a user-friendly Web portal. This service can be offered by the acquirers to their merchants, under fully branded Web pages. The acquirers can easily manage merchants and access their transaction data.

With this powerful service, merchants can monitor their business, with easy to use reports, detailed transaction logs and a range of data analysis tools. Shop owners see what happens in the store while they are away, and multi-store activity can be monitored centrally from the head office.

Through a graphical interface and powerful search tools, merchants can view, search, export and print useful reconciliation and settlement reports. The reports can be used to match POS, terminal and acquirer totals, avoiding the traditional manual checks. With the solution’s reconciliation feature, merchants can easily match transaction data with business applications and bank statements. Reconciliation reports can be pushed via e-mail on a daily basis to match what the bank deposits to the account.

In addition, merchants can subscribe to scheduled reports which they will receive by e-mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For merchants with several stores, large retail chains and franchisee operations, multiple levels of reporting hierarchy can be configured. As an example, the store manager has access to all the data in the store only, while the merchant manager will have access to the data across all the stores.