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iWB Bio series

Mobile fingerprint secure solution delivering services at the last mile

  • Security


  • biometric


  • Standards


  • Smartcard


  • Magstripe


  • Contactless


  • GPS


  • connectivity


  • Leverage state-of-the-art biometric authentication technology to secure & build trust.
  • Open cost-effective financial inclusion channels: branchless banking, microfinance or G2P.
  • Manage government ID schemes: attendance tracking, pension payments, voting, law enforcement.

Highest Security
The iWB Bio series meets the highest and latest hardware & software security requirements. It is the first fingerprint device designed to be PCI-PTS 3.1 certified with SRED and open protocol modules. This level of certification is mandatory for payment transactions and highly recommended for PKI certificate storage.

iWB Bio series combines Chip, PIN, fingerprint verification and GPS tracking, 4 authentication factors for the best ever KYC – Know Your Customer – performance. Providing in real time key information on customers and agents activity, it enables to build more efficient fraud management system.

All Transactions Options
In addition to fingerprint authentication, iWB Bio series offers all transaction options ranging from traditional magstripe and EMV chip & PIN payment to the newest contactless & NFC use cases.

Designed For Outdoor Mobility
Designed for outdoor mobility, iWB Bio series is a robust hand-held device and the perfect business companion for agents. Pocket-sized, it comes with several day’s battery life. Its color display offers unique outdoor readability.

All Wireless Connectivity
Featuring a unique portfolio of wireless connectivity options – GPRS & Bluetooth Class 1 – iWB Bio series enables an efficient coverage of all in-door and outdoor use cases. Optional second SIM slot acts as back-up when main GPRS network is unreachable. Bluetooth connectivity includes a secured link to the iWB bluetooth+ Ethernet docking station and tethering through a mobile phone or PC.

Unique User Experience
Thanks to its best-in-class customer guidance with mother-tongue display, printing and audio, the iWB Bio series accommodates all customers even if they are illiterate, for face-to-face transactions, customer screens are displayed in reverse mode offering selection from 4 capacitive keys.

Leading Fingerprint Technology
Embedding best-in-class fingerprint module, iWB Bio series matches prints in a split-second. The CBM-E version of this module is certified by the FBI. Our device complies with PIV-IQS certification and FIPS 201 approved algorithms. It is IP65-tested and ensures long-lasting features and outdoor readiness.

Product Information

iWB Bio series

Mobile fingerprint secure solution delivering services at the last mile

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