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Unattended terminals

Easy & flexible unattended payment solutions for self-services businesses.

Its wide range of devices, from card and contactless readers, to PINPads, meeting the latest standards allow to easily integrate cashless payment in self-service kiosks.
Answer any integration need in a flexible way, from Vending, to Transportation, Petrol or Retail.


Self Series terminalsA compact and sleek self service range

User-friendly, compact and vandalism resistant, devices designed for vending machines or indoor kiosks.

With Self Series, accepting secure electronic payments from unattended self-service locations has never been easier.

Open/SeriesNew open payment terminals designed for validators and gates

A unique set of readers that revolutionize the transport industry, allowing the convergence of ticketing and payment for a seamless journey.

iSelf seriesEasy and flexible unattented payment solutions for self-service business

The iSelf series allows easy and secure integration of cashless payment into self-service businesses, while providing a simple consumer experience through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Security


  • Smartcard


  • Magstripe


  • Contactless


  • rugged


  • color backlit

    Color backlit