POSgate also supports the ability for small “plug-in” applications to be developed and installed on either the Point of Sale system, or on the terminal and implements a common method of calling any plug-in. This means that the payment application can call any plug-in, regardless of whether the plug-in is in the terminal or on the POS system. Similarly, the POS application can call any plug-in on the POS system, or on the payment terminal.

Plug-ins on the POS system can be developed by the POS vendor, or may be supplied by Ingenico. Plug-ins on the payment terminal must be built by Ingenico.

Current plug-ins available support the following capabilities:

  1. Reading non PCI mag stripe cards, such as club, loyalty and gift cards
  2. Reading staff cards and requesting access codes from the payment terminal
  3. Reading barcodes using iSMP PINpads fitted with a barcode reader

In preparation:

  1. Ability for POS application to print non-payment receipts using a payment terminal’s printer
  2. Custom plug-ins for merchant requirements