Feature Advantage Benefit
Fully integrates EFTPOS into your Point of Sale  No need for the merchant to interact with the PINpad to perform a transaction. The Point of Sale application also has complete control over how the EFTPOS terminal can be utilised. Eliminates merchant amount entry errors, and reduces customer wait times. It also reduces fraud risk (such as initiating refunds from the terminal) as all transactions are initiated via the PoS.
Utilises Ingenico EFTPOS terminals  Proven hardware from a reputable source, certified for use in multiple countries  Terminals are reliable and are backed by a global support network 
Ingenico terminals use Telium operating systems and advanced security processors  Fast (2-6 seconds), secure EFTPOS transactions.  Check-out customers promptly, reducing wait times and queue sizes 
Fully automated Terminal Management System (TMS) Integration  Access to updated terminal software configurations or new terminal software is always available.  Your terminal always has the latest software with the newest features and highest security 
Flexible and scalable communications options  There are communications methods available to suit any environment, including single lane, multi-lane, multi-store, mobile and cloud solutions.  Reduce communications costs by utilising existing infrastructure, reducing the number of phone lines required on premises and sharing networks. 
Bank agnostic, with support for many acquirers  Only one development is required, regardless of the bank that is used  Development of the solution can be made independent of your choice of acquirer.  Choose the bank that suits your needs – the interface remains the same. 
Support for Plug-Ins  New features can be added to the system that can extend functionality without affecting existing certifications.  There is no need to re-certify terminal payment applications as new functionality is added, reducing cost and time to market when adding new features. 
PCI compliant  The Point of Sale is not exposed to PCI information that might otherwise bring it into PCI certification scope.  No PCI certification of your Point of Sale is required with regards to your EFTPOS integration. 
Customisable EFTPOS Dialogs on the Point of Sale  There is no need to develop your own EFTPOS dialogs to interact with the PINpad.   Reduces the development time, with the ability to have your own look and feel on the built-in Dialogs. 
Provides your Point of Sale with a fully formatted EFTPOS receipt  You can integrate the EFTPOS receipt into your standard customer invoice/receipt  Reduces inventory (paper, staplers, etc) and costs as you can provide customers with a single integrated receipt or gives you the option to go paperless (emailed receipts, etc). 
Supported on all major operating systems, including mobile ones.  POSgate can be used on any system, anywhere, any time.  Use your existing technology, or make your technology choices independent of any EFTPOS integration requirements. 
A single API regardless of the platform Regardless of the target Point of Sale  Regardless of the target Point of Sale platform, the integration steps are the same. Reduced development times when supporting multiple platforms. 
Native development interface libraries  There is no need to switch to a language you’re unfamiliar with.  You can use the tools you already have.  Program your Point of Sale in whatever language you like – there is an Interface Library to suit your needs.
Mandatory Ingenico accreditation  This validation ensures the Point of Sale and EFTPOS system are always aligned with respect to the outcome of any transaction.  Your payment system will be reliable, regardless of unforeseen circumstances such as power failure.  Never accidentally charge the customer twice, or not at all.