Transportation industry

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More and more travelers expect payment to be cashless, hassle-free and transparently integrated into their journey. The payment needs of an airline differ significantly from those of an Online Travel Agency, parking or public transport operators. To deliver the best solution to our clients, we have specialists focused on the core businesses of their industries.

Our solutions integrate electronic payment with business processes such as booking, ticketing and travelling programs. We allow operators to accept non-cash payments from travel agencies, ticketing kiosks, the web or via mobile sales. We offer alternatives to cash in public transportation and car parks through m-Payment. For businesses with a global online foothold, Ingenico’s collecting services can act as a hub, accepting payment from anywhere in the world and reducing the complexity of cross-border payment. 

Develop cashless acceptance to boost revenue

  • Accept cashless payment on all demanding environments and in mobile situations
  • Manage all specific transportation certifications (Felica, Mifare, Calypso…)
  • Leverage contactless technologies to improve passenger flow
  • Generate additional revenue through on-board sales (catering, duty free, video-on-demand…)

Enlarge your footprint

  • Connect to more than 1,000 local acquirers 
  • Accept over 150 payment methods
  • Enlarge your footprint with our global online cross-border collect solution

Provide seamless integration into business processes

  • Offer terminals with full wireless connectivity (GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth…) and compatibility with all leading mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows). Integrate with ticketing systems (1D / 2D barcode reader, reading of transit cards)
  • Empower cost management systems with standard dashboard, benchmarking and predictive modeling for payment performance optimization